Form I-129 Instructions – What is Form I-129 Used For?

What is the purpose of this form I-129?

Form I-129, An employer uses this form to apply to US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for a stranger to temporarily provide services or labor, or training in the United States. To do, as:

Form I-129
Form I-129
  1. H-1B, certain profession; A stranger is coming to perform. Extraordinary services related to a project Administered by the US Department of Defense; a Fashion model with a national and international reputation; A stranger is entering into a trade agreement with Chile or Singapore.
  2. H-2A, an agricultural worker.
  3. H-2B, temporary nonagricultural worker.
  4. H-3, trainee
  5. L-1, the intracompany transferee.
  6. O-1, alien of extraordinary ability in arts, science, education, business, or athletics.
  7. O-2, accompanying alien who is coming to the United States to assist in the artistic or athletic performance of an O-1 artist or athlete.
  8. P-1 is an internationally recognized athlete/entertainment group.
  9. P-2, artist or entertainer in a reciprocal exchange program.
  10. P-2S, essential support personnel for a P-2.
  11. P-3, artist/entertainer coming to the United States to perform, teach or coach under a program that is culturally unique.
  12. P-3S, essential support personnel for a P-3.
  13. Q-1, alien coming temporarily to participate in an international cultural exchange program.

Form i-129 Instructions

This form is used also by an employer to request an extension of stay or change of status for the following nonimmigrants:

  • E-1, treaty trader.
  • E-2, treaty investor.
  • Free Trade Nonimmigrants, H-1B1s and TNs.
  • R-1, religious worker.

Note: Application for an E-1, E-2, or R-1 nonimmigrant visa or TN nonimmigrant entry from Canada or Mexico is not required. H-1B1 Free Trade Non-Immigrants from Chile or Singapore also do not need to apply. These individuals can apply directly to the US Consulate or Embassy abroad.

Application is only required to apply for a change of status or extension of stay.

Note: Form I-129 contains a basic petition, individual supplements relating to the specific classification, and for H-1B petitions, the H-1B data collection and filing fee waiver appendix with its specific instructions ( The first form was issued separately as I-129W). The following table will help you find the information on the form and each appendix.

Who May File This Form I-129f?

General A U.S. employer may file this form and applicable supplements to classify a stranger in any nonimmigrant classification listed in Parts 1 and 2 of these guidelines. A foreign employer may file for a specific classification as specified in the guidelines.

Agents An American individual or company can file as an agent in a business for those types of workers who are traditionally self-employed or who traditionally use the agent to arrange short-term employment with multiple employers. The application filed by the agent must include a complete itinerary of services or engagements, including the dates, names, and addresses of the original employers, and the locations where the services will be performed.

A petition filed by a United States agent must guarantee wage and other terms and conditions of employment through an agreement with the beneficiary or beneficiaries of the petition. The agent/employer must also provide information about the guaranteed employment itinerary and any other services planned for the requested period.

The request also includes more than one stranger. Multiple aliens who wish to enter the H-2A, H-2B, H-3, P-1, P-2, P-3, O-2, or Q-1 classification petition Can be added to:

They will all be employed for the same period.

Form I-129 form sample

They will all perform the same services, receive the same training or participate in the same international cultural exchange program. And

If the application is for foreigners seeking H-2A classification, they will apply for a visa at the same consulate or, if a visa is exempt, apply for entry at the same port of entry.

Note Form I-129: If the employer includes more than one stranger in the application (other than those seeking H-2A classification) and is required to request USCIS to notify more than one consulate or embassy about the processing. The employer must file Form I-824, an approved application or petition for action, with reasonable fees, for each embassy or consulate that must be notified.

Multiple locations: The application of a stranger (s) to serve or hire or receive training at more than one place must include a travel note with the dates and locations where the services or training will take place.

The application for extension or change of status of anonymous foreigners should include the names of all foreigners in the petition. Any other application must include the name of all foreigners, except:

H-2A petitions for multiple workers may include anonymous foreigners if they are anonymous on labor certification;

An H-2B petition for multiple workers may include anonymous aliens in emergencies where, upon request, it is established that names cannot be provided due to circumstances that have not been assessed or controlled. Can go

Where some or all of the foreigners are not named, specify the total number of anonymous foreigners and the total number of foreigners in the application. Where the name of the foreigner is required, subsequent beneficiary name applications may be filed later with a copy of the same Labor Certification. Each I-129 Petition should refer to all pre-filed petitions using this certification.

General filing instructions.

Complete the basic form and any related appendix. Please answer all questions by typing in black ink or clearly. Indicate that no item with “N / A” applies. If the answer is “no” then write no.

If you need extra space to respond to any item, attach a sheet of paper with your name and your Alien Registration Number (A #), if any, and state the number of the item to which you will reply. Is. You must file your application with the required preliminary evidence. The petition should be properly signed and filed with a reasonable fee.

Note Form I-129: Submit the petition and all supporting documents if you have checked the block “a” in question 5 of part 2 of the form.

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