Improving Access to Justice – Providing Information

One of the starting points in improving access to justice and making the legal system more relevant to people’s lives is to raise the level of community education about law in general so that people realize when legal advice may be needed. Is.

The growing popularity of legal studies courses in secondary schools is a positive development in this regard, but such courses have only recently become part of the school curriculum, and then only as an optional subject.

Improving Access to Justice

There is a need for general community education regarding legal rights. For a large segment of the population, the reluctance to take legal action is so strong that people need a lot of encouragement to take the first step necessary to enforce their rights through educational campaigns and other means.

Improving Meaning

When the government enacts reform legislation that provides broad rights on paper, people need to be told in plain English not only what those legal rights are, but also the ways in which they can make their grievances. Enforce your rights and pursue your claims.

Education about the law is especially important for immigrants. Immigrants may need to explain the basic aspects of the legal process that the majority of the population can expect to be familiar with, for example, a non-jury system is familiar with the legal jury system.

Improving Law education is also an aspect of bridging the cultural divide that prevents members of ethnic minorities from gaining greater access to the legal system.

Education is necessary not only to inform the people about the basic rights and responsibilities under Nigerian law but also to dispel any misconceptions that people may have about the requirements of Nigerian law. Are based on their experiences in their home countries. Several steps need to be taken to improve community awareness of legal rights.

In addition to the private profession, there are many other sources of legal advice. Legal aid lawyers and community legal centers provide legal advice, and advice on legal rights provided by informed non-lawyers can also be provided by government departments, law society advisory services, and advisory bureaus.

Reducing Legal Costs

Many steps have already been taken to reform the legal profession and remove these restrictions, which tend to increase costs. Many of these traditions were the product of traditions that survived for a long time after their disappearance.

The model of reform in the Western legal system in recent years has been either to ensure a cohesive profession or to eliminate the most practical divisions between lawyers and barristers, as is the case in Nigeria.

Some of the Improving that have been made, and others that have been proposed, are related to the level of consumer information about legal services that are designed to allow them to make more informed choices when deciding whether to Who should be represented? In some jurisdictions, legal experts are now allowed to advertise, but the different jurisdictions differ greatly in the extent to which advertising is restricted.

As well as promoting consumer choice, another way to give customers maximum control over legal services costs is to estimate the cost or specify the basis on which the costs will be charged.

Providing cost information is important to help clients review all options available to them in pursuing a claim, and to assist in deciding legal representation for marital reasons, for example, A client may need to impose in writing:

Improving: This includes the client’s estimated costs and the delivery of the settlement, the estimated future costs of trial preparation, and the estimated costs of the first day of the trial. However, providing such information can only be a small part of providing access to justice.

Consumers of legal services are not accustomed to shopping around for the most reasonable price advice, and the nature of legal advice is that legal issues can often be identified only after a fairly extensive interview, and available An initial review of the options can be done.

It is also recommended that a survey be conducted on attorneys’ fees for a variety of services, with appropriate adjustments for different levels of attorney seniority and firm size, to maximize consumer benefits. An informed review of estimated charges in their own cases.

Where lawyers prepare cases for litigation charges on a judicial scale, the costs can be considered competitive with other practitioners. However, this may depend on how the scale is designed. If the scale allows the calculation of many costs in relation to the time spent on an issue, then the actual value of legal representation will depend to some extent on the performance of the practitioner.

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