New Words – What is the meaning of New Words in English?

New Meaning in English

New Words with meaning and sentence, list of English words with meaning and sentences or is in the Meaning of English, and examples.

What is the meaning of Words information that isn’t already known in a * text or * discourse setting, and is, therefore, the important information in an *utterance? Contrasted with *given.

See also comment; focus; rheme; theme; topic.

New words
New Words

List of New English words with meaning and Sentences

Deal (also spelled Deal)

  • Policies introduced by a government or an organization to help a region, group of people, etc. return to normal after a difficult period: Under the Deal, unemployed people will be offered 6 months’ training with a company. 
  • New Deal was the policy introduced in the United States in the 1930s by President Roosevelt with the aim of helping the economy return to normal.

The Economy (also spelled the economy)

Used to describe the economy that developed in the late 20th century, with industries based on very technology and the use of the Internet to do business: eBay and Amazon are among the successes of the economy, o E-commerce is a major feature of many economies businesses. Old Economy.

lease of life

If someone finds enthusiasm and energy for something, they have a lease of life.


  • (UK) A man is a man who believes in the complete and shares domestic work equally.
  • NYC minute
  • (USA) If something happens in an NYC  minute, it happens very fast.


(Stock Exchange) a number of shares that are made available for investors to buy for the first time: a new issue of 1.2 million ordinary shares o The shares will be listed on the issue market. 

Meaning of a New

Newly industrialized country

(0/50 ‘newly industrializing country) noun [c] (abbr NIC) 

(Economics) a country that did not have much industry previously, but where New industries are now developing very fast: Taiwan’s economy has had one of the highest rates of growth among newly industrialized countries. 

Media noun [u] (IT)

ways in which large numbers of people can receive information and entertainment through computers: media industries that create content for the Internet

Money noun [u]

  • Money that becomes available for use for the first time: To prevent inflation, the government controls the flow of money into the economy.
  • The wealth that has been gained recently; the people who have it: It is money that is buying property in this area these days. 

Product Development Noun [u] 

(abbr NPD) (Marketing) the process by which a company changes ideas or improves products or services: The extra investment will be used for marketing and product development, o a product development project/manager 
‘conference = press conference 


new area of the Internet, with its own address, where people discuss a particular topic; the people who belong to this group: An employee posted the complaint on an internal newsgroup.

New words with Meaning and Sentence


People who do not like methods, technologies, etc, describe them as newfangled, which means but not as good or nice as the old ones.

Nick of time

If you do something in the nick of time, you do it at the very last minute or second.

Nip it in the bud

If you nip something in the bud, you deal with a problem when it’s still small, before it can grow into something serious.


If people get down to the nitty-gritty, they concentrate on the most important and serious issues.

No bed of roses

If something isn’t a bed of roses, it’s difficult.

No can do 

No can do means that the speaker can’t do whatever it’s that has been asked of him or her.

No great shakes

If someone is not great shake at something, they aren’t very good at it.

No holds barred

If there’re no holds barred, there are no rules of conduct; you can do anything.

No ifs or buts

Ifs and Buts is a term used to describe the reasons people give for not wanting to do something. To New show that you don’t wish to accept any excuses, you can tell somebody that you wish to hear no ifs or buts Here IF and BUT have become nouns.

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What is the definition of

  • No love lost: If there’s no love lost between two people they have a strong enmity towards or hate for the other and make no effort to conceal it.
  • No quarter: This means without mercy. We can say no quarter given or asked.
  • No question: This idiom means one thing is certain or definite.
  • No questions asked:  If something is to be done and no questions asked, then it does not matter what methods are used or what rules are broken to ensure that it gets done.
  • No spring chicken: If someone is no spring chicken, they aren’t very young.

What is the Meaning oF

No time for

If you have no time for an activity, you’ve absolutely no desire to spend or waste any time doing it. You can have no time for people, too. 

No time like the present

If people say that there’s no time like the present, they believe that it’s far better to do something now than to leave it for later, in which case it might never get done.

No time to lose

If there’s no time to lose, then it’s time to get started otherwise it won’t be finished on time.

Not all there

If someone isn’t all there, they are a little bit stupid or crazy. Not cricket

  • (UK) If something isn’t cricket, it is unfair. Not enough room to swing a cat
  • If a room is very small, you can say that there isn’t enough room to swing a cat in it.
  • Not much cop: Describing a film or something as not much cop is a way of saying that you did not think much of it.
  • Not my cup of tea: If something is not your cup of tea, you don’t like it very much. Not to be sneezed at If something isn’t to be sneezed at, it should be taken seriously.
  • A notch on your belt: Success or achievement that might help you in the future is a notch on your belt.
  • Number cruncher: A number cruncher is an accountant or someone who is very good at dealing with numbers and calculations. 
  • New England: England is a region comprising 6 states in the Northeastern US: Connecticut, Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

A bit much
If one thing is excessive or annoying, it is a bit a lot.

A fool and his cash are before long compound
This idiom implies that those that don’t seem to be careful with their cash pay it quickly.

‘A fool and his cash are simply parted’ is another style of the idiom.

A little bird told the American state
If somebody does not wish to mention wherever they got some data from, they will say that a bit bird told them.

If things are going, they’re fully fine.

A poor man’s one thing
Something or somebody which will be compared to one thing or somebody else, however, is not nearly as good could be a poor man’s version; an author WHO uses ample puns, however, isn’t terribly funny would be a poor man’s, Oscar Wilde.

If one thing is A1, it is the best or finest.

Abide by a call
If you abide by a call, you settle for it and adjust to it, although you may pain it.

About face
If somebody changes their mindfully, this is often an Associate in Nursing about-face. It is used once firms, governments, etc, amend their position on a problem.

If things area unit did on top of the board, they’re disbursed in an exceedingly legal and correct manner.

Absence makes the guts grow fonder
This idiom implies that once individuals are a unit apart, their love grows stronger.

Achilles’ heel
A person’s soft spot is their soft spot.

Acid test
An appraisal of one thing|are some things|are a few things} that proves whether or not something is nice, effective, etc, or not.