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Resident evil Retribution
Resident Evil Retribution
Added:Jun 26, 2017
Released:Sep 14, 2012
Genre:Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Length:95 min
Country:US, UK
Language:English, Hindi
Writer, director:Paul W.S. Anderson
Actors:Milla Jovovich, Sienna Guillory, Michelle Rodriguez, Aryana Engineer, Bingbing Li, Boris Kodjoe, Johann Urb, Robin Kasyanov, Kevin Durand, Ofilio Portillo, Oded Fehr, Colin Salmon, Shawn Roberts, Toshio Oki, Takato Yamashita, Mika Nakashima, Megan Charpentier, Ave Merson-O’Brian, Raymond Olubawale, Kevin Shand, Razaaq Adoti, Kim Coates, Martin Crewes, Iain Glen, Sandrine Holt, Thomas Kretschmann, Ali Larter, Spencer Locke, Eric Mabius, Wentworth Miller

Description: Alice awakes at home with her daughter Becky and her husband. But soon she realizes that she is actually in an Umbrella Corporation’s underground facility. Out of the blue, the computer security system shuts down, and Alice flees to the central control room of the facility. She meets Ada Wong, who works with Albert Wesker, and she learns that a five-man team has been sent by Wesker to rescue them. However, the Red Queen sends J.

Resident Evil 5 Retribution

The Resident Evil Retribution movies have been criticized not only by critics but also by fans for not following the video game story. No one expected the original film to actually be a prequel to the make-up characters and games with Milia Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez.

Critics hated it. Gamers hated it. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Looking back, the film had its flaws, but it was fun and intense. Anderson managed to create a claustrophobic atmosphere by providing plenty of action. The story didn’t really matter at this point, and Anderson played with the audience throughout the film.

However, the sequels did not provide enough moments or stories about the character and chose to turn the franchise into a pointless action disaster. Although the third entry (ending) was successful in improving the character and the story area (thanks to the Queen’s guidance).

The madness was still in the spotlight. All these positive aspects were then completely discarded in the fourth episode. The story was all over the place, the audience cared more about the undead than the characters, and the action-crazy “WTH?” Went to and so on.

Now, these movies are fun no matter what. Even later life was fun to watch his stupidity and madness. It’s a shame that something really good could have been made after the original because there was so much potential.

Resident Evil: Retribution is no different than the three sequels, but it does much better.

First, Anderson makes sure that he brings back the best characters that the franchise had in previous films, associating retribution with the first entries. He then gives the film a simple but interesting story (like the original), in-depth 3D, over-the-top action sequences, and great visuals.

Revenge is the “Fast Five” of the Resident Evil Retribution franchise. It may not be the best, but it’s a very decent sequel that fans will love, ordinary people will enjoy and critics will hate.

The film manages to entertain as well as inform. There are lots of continuity issues and plot holes but after four movies, you know exactly what you’re going to get and be prepared to take revenge beyond your expectations.

This is not a masterpiece. There are no strong performances or deep stories with original ideas. This is the fifth installment in the Mindless Action Zombie franchise and in that respect, you can’t get any better. It’s definitely better than all the sequels as it manages to restore the original sensible elements while maintaining the madness and absurdity of the sequels (including some jumps and moments of tension!).

Resident Evil 5 film

I don’t understand why some people hate the Resident Evil Retribution movie franchise for setting up a different storyline from a video game. If they have the same plot, the movies will become a 90-minute cascade skate or live-action playthrough!

The movie snobs keep calling it “garbage” and “terrible”, but let’s see if they can make more than $ 900 million at the box office. Now, this is the fifth film of the franchise and Paul W. S. Anderson knows for sure what he is doing.

Places are more diverse than their predecessors. Alice found herself on the beaches of Los Angeles, Tokyo, New York, Moscow, an American suburb, Kamchatka, and Washington DC. The enemies are more and more fierce. The trailer boasts of a huge Licker, a much better version of the 2002 Monster.

3D is more and more, unlike Disney’s “Frozen”. The story goes smoothly, though sometimes there is a lack of emotion. The action sequences from Marvel’s “The Avengers” are great. There are fears of jumping.

The plot twists include location, the fate of the characters, and Umbrella’s next moves, and they’re all great. This is the “Resident Evil” movie that still has the most stunts, which makes it high actin. Reloading the gun is a problem here. But other action movies are to blame for this error, so I tolerate irrationality.

Milla Jovovich is an action star and her husband Anderson is an action movie director. As such, “revenge” is still their best “child.” “It’s the biggest and best” Resident Evil “movie ever, I totally agree with it! I honestly can’t wait for the holiday and reportedly the last movie I look for updates every week!.

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