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Mission Impossible Rogue Nation
Mission Impossible Rogue Nation
Quality :BRRip
Added :Oct 24, 2017
Released:Jul 31, 2015
Length:131 min
Genre :Action, Adventure, Thriller
Language:English, Hindi
Country :China, Hong Kong, USA
Director:Christopher McQuarrie
Writer :Christopher McQuarrie, Drew Pearce, Bruce Geller, Kennedy Uzomba
Actors :Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, Ving Rhames, Sean Harris, Simon McBurney, Jingchu Zhang, Tom Hollander, Jens Hultén, Alec Baldwin, Mateo Rufino, Fernando Abadie, Alec Utgoff, Hermione Corfield, Nigel Barber, William Roberts, Patrick Poletti, Martin Cochrane, David Peart, Barnabás Réti, Ash Merat, James Weber Brown, Robert Maaser, Wolfgang Stegemann, Eva-Marie Becker, Adam Ganne, Jesus Alvarez, America Olivo, James Cleverton

Description: Ethan and the team take on their most impossible mission yet, eradicating the Syndicate – an International rogue organization as highly skilled as they are, committed to destroying the IMF.

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation Download

Christopher McCurry has written and directed incredibly well-crafted and incredible work in this successful franchise. Not surprisingly, he is the only director who has been re-invited to the script and has been directed to the next one.

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation pitches Ethan Hunt against an enemy who is cold, calculated, and brilliant. And there is a tense and thrilling time in the movies to watch the cat and mouse game being played between the two. The ending is better than the previous episodes because it’s not over the top, but rather it comes down to a clever test that makes Ethan Hunt fundamentally different from his enemy at the center of his values.

What is considered Ethan’s weakness (taking too much care of his team) actually becomes the masterstroke of how he manages to defeat his most cunning enemy. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation gives us one of the best villains in the Spy Thriller genre, not to mention one of the best female characters that are complex and keeps us guessing until the end. Highly recommended!

Mission Impossible Rogue Nation is directed by Christopher McCurry and includes Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Jeremy Rainer, and Simon Pegg. Most of the time when a series reaches its fifth film, they either have to restart it somehow or it’s too bad but Mission Impossible isn’t doing it, it’s getting better and better.

Getting better Roj Qaum is probably the best MI movie ever, the thing that makes it so great is that it takes parts of other movies and puts them together. Rouge Nation adds more humor, more gadgets, more suspense, and more. Everyone’s performance was outstanding. Tom Cruise was amazing and the fact that he does all his stunts, just makes him one of the best action stars of today.

Mission impossible movies

Simon Pegg is very prominent in this, he gave it more screen time, which is great because the chemistry between Cruz and Pegg is also great. The action was incredible and you can tell the actors were doing it. The Roj nation as a whole was amazing and better in everything. The action and acting were outstanding. Definitely, a must-see in IMAX.

The multinational conspiracy of “IMF” vs. “Syndicate” is surprisingly clear and you can carry it out without much effort. The best direction lets you see everything you want to see without losing sight. From the Vienna Opera House to a motorcycle chase through Morocco, the underwater setting is truly fun and exciting.

Rogue Nation Includes everything you want to see from MI, including getting out of impossible situations. The music is effective in using the central theme and Puccini.

The cast may not look glamorous at first glance. The British Sporting Cast is basically a beautiful drum. A strong and brilliant breakout character for “White Queens” Rebecca Ferguson as a mysterious British agent. She has her own action wars in battle scenes and subfusc. She has an intelligent form that reminds her of Ingrid Bergman.

Tom Cruise in his 50s can still make the Rogue Nation action convincing and interesting. See how his contemporaries from Top Gun have become better than him.

It looks like Tom is walking away with another great movie because Mission Impossible-Rogue Nation is full of the right amount of action scenes and comic relief to watch. It connects you to an interesting start, a pleasant way to get a vague idea of ​​what the plotline is. After all, this is exactly what we all want to see … Shot focuses primarily on Ethan Hunt who is doing his job, working effectively on the brink of world catastrophe.

How is this movie different from other movies out there?

First of all, Ethan Hunt is a reasonable man in his own right – like nobody’s business. He thinks that it is better for Rambo to think about the situation than to go to the next level. Brain on the brain. While a well-thought-out murder may be good in certain circumstances, the purpose of the film is not one of them. It shows the intelligence of Tom Cruise’s character and how he thinks. He shows that he works to save the world, not the girls (thanks, Bond).

Also, the balance of this film from controversy to humor/diving into the storyline is infallible. I think I have to bring up San Andreas as a comparison. Although a good movie, it often involves the destruction of objects. This is not the case with Mission Impossible Disease Nation. When the process begins to have the potential to be great, a good joke comes up and makes you laugh. Or it can happen when you start wanting to shoot out.

Overall, Mission Impossible Rogue Nation keeps your eyes on the screen all the time and you should spend time looking at it and you should know when Ethan will catch his next enemy. And yes, the only thing that disappoints you when the credit roll starts is that the movie is over.

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